Chrisean Rock Introduces Her Newborn Son: Chrisean Malone

A Joyful Moment and a Unique Name

The world of celebrities is always buzzing with excitement, and this time, it’s no different. Chrisean Rock, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, recently shared an adorable photo of her newborn son, Chrisean Malone. In this article, we’ll delve into the heartwarming details of this precious arrival, the choice of a unique name, and the intriguing dynamics surrounding the birth.

A Baby Boy’s First Day

On a joyous day that will forever be etched in her memory, Chrisean Rock introduced her baby boy to the world when he was just one day old. She took to Instagram to express her sheer delight, captioning the photo with, “1 day old… Heavensent you healthy and so handsome beyond grateful. My baby boy is so blessed. Thank you, Jesus.” This touching message encapsulated the overwhelming love and gratitude that a mother feels for her child.

A Special Connection: Chrisean Malone

The choice of her son’s name is a reflection of the deep bond Chrisean Rock shares with him. She lovingly named her baby Chrisean Malone, a moniker that carries a profound personal connection. It’s not every day that you come across a name that combines a mother’s name with such elegance. Chrisean Malone is truly one of a kind, just like the love that brought him into this world.

An Unconventional Delivery

The journey of motherhood is unique for every woman, and Chrisean Rock decided to embrace her own path. She made the unconventional choice of not having the baby’s father, rapper BlueFace, present in the delivery room. This decision stirred curiosity and raised questions, as fans wondered about the dynamics between the new parents.

BlueFace’s Reaction

Upon learning that his son had been named Chrisean Malone, BlueFace took to social media to express his feelings. The rapper’s reaction was far from expected, and it added an element of intrigue to the unfolding story. BlueFace’s response created a buzz in the celebrity world, leaving fans eager to know more about this unexpected twist.


In the world of celebrities, every moment is a spectacle, and the arrival of Chrisean Malone is no exception. Chrisean Rock’s joyous introduction of her son, the unique name she chose, and the unconventional delivery choice have all added a layer of fascination to this chapter of her life. As fans eagerly await more updates, one thing is for sure: Chrisean Malone is a blessed and beloved addition to this celebrity family.


  1. Why did Chrisean Rock name her son Chrisean Malone? Chrisean Rock chose to name her son after herself, creating a unique and personal connection.
  2. What was BlueFace’s reaction to the baby’s name? BlueFace expressed his discontent on social media upon learning of the name Chrisean Malone.
  3. Why did Chrisean Rock decide not to have BlueFace in the delivery room? Chrisean Rock made the unconventional choice to have her baby without BlueFace present during the delivery.
  4. When was the baby’s first photo shared with the public? Chrisean Rock shared the first photo of her son when he was just one day old.
  5. What date was Chrisean Malone born? Chrisean Malone was born on September 3rd, as revealed by Chrisean Rock during an Instagram Live session.

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