Legal Battle Unfolds: DeSantis’ Appointees Seek Summary Judgment Against Disney


A legal dispute between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis takes a new turn as members of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, appointed by DeSantis, seek a summary judgment without the need for a trial. The battle centers around the control of the board overseeing Walt Disney World. In this article, we delve into the developments of this legal conflict and the underlying factors that led to this clash.

A Call for Summary Judgment

In a significant move, DeSantis’ appointees have requested a Florida state judge in Orlando to issue a summary judgment against Disney. This means they are seeking a resolution without the necessity of a full trial. Their request pertains to five out of nine counts in their case, indicating their confidence in the strength of their claims.

The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District’s Stance

The members of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, aligned with Governor DeSantis, are resolute in their pursuit of control over the board that governs Walt Disney World. Their push for a summary judgment reflects their belief that the facts and legal arguments presented support a swift decision in their favor.

Unraveling the Context

This legal confrontation is one facet of a larger conflict rooted in the clash between Disney and the DeSantis administration. The catalyst for the takeover of the board was Disney’s public opposition to the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation championed by DeSantis and fellow Republican lawmakers. This political discord set the stage for a legal battle that intertwines governance, free speech, and corporate influence.

Parallel Lawsuits

The legal battle between Disney and DeSantis spans two separate lawsuits. In addition to the state court battle where DeSantis’ appointees are seeking summary judgment, there is a federal lawsuit in Tallahassee. In this federal case, Disney alleges that DeSantis violated the company’s free speech rights through his actions.

Implications and Outcomes

The outcome of these legal proceedings will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications. The decisions made by the courts will not only determine the immediate fate of the board overseeing Walt Disney World but also potentially shape the boundaries of corporate and governmental interaction in Florida.


As the legal tussle unfolds between Disney and Governor Ron DeSantis’ appointees, the stakes are high for both parties involved. The pursuit of a summary judgment highlights the urgency and significance of this case. The clash between political power, corporate influence, and the intricacies of law underscores the complexity of the issues at hand. As the legal proceedings progress, the world watches closely to see how this dispute will ultimately be resolved.


1. Why are DeSantis’ appointees seeking a summary judgment against Disney?

DeSantis’ appointees are requesting a summary judgment in their legal battle with Disney to expedite the resolution of the case without the need for a full trial.

2. What is the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District’s stance in this legal conflict?

The members of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, aligned with DeSantis, are pursuing control over the board governing Walt Disney World and are seeking a favorable decision through a summary judgment.

3. What led to the conflict between Disney and DeSantis’ administration?

The conflict arose from Disney’s public opposition to the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation supported by DeSantis and Republican lawmakers, which prompted DeSantis’ takeover of the board overseeing Disney.

4. What are the two lawsuits related to this conflict?

There are two lawsuits: one in state court where DeSantis’ appointees seek summary judgment, and another in federal court in Tallahassee where Disney alleges violations of its free speech rights.

5. What are the potential implications of the outcome of these legal proceedings?

The outcomes of these legal cases could impact the governance of Walt Disney World and set precedents for corporate and governmental interactions in Florida.

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