True Legend

 2-Month Milestone

Da Brat

True Legend

Da Brat's Instagram post was filled with love and emotion as she expressed how True Legend is the best blessing she's ever received.

Da Brat's Heartfelt Message

True Legend's Precious Photos

The post included adorable photos of True Legend, showcasing his young personality and infectious charm.

Da Brat also gave a shoutout to Jesseca, acknowledging her as the first angel in her life before True Legend arrived.

The couple's deep love and connection with their son are evident in every picture and word shared on their Instagram accounts.

Da Brat and Jesseca chose Instagram as their platform to celebrate their son's milestone, creating an intimate connection with their fans.

Two Months of Joy

True Legend has brought immeasurable joy to Da Brat and Jesseca's lives during his first two months.

The couple's son is named True Legend, a name that carries a deep meaning and significance.

The couple's journey into parenthood has been nothing short of incredible, filled with ups, downs, and precious moments.

Da Brat and Jesseca's happiness is contagious, and their followers can't help but share in their joy.